NaNoWriMo Day 8

The Words: 5045 written today. Before I went to bed last night, I had already written 4 words shy of the minimum daily word count for today (so 1663). Since it’s Saturday, I had expected to do some more writing this afternoon, but I never got to it. Then when I started writing in the evening, I didn’t think I’d get very far. I mentioned on my Skype group of local NaNo’s that, though today the people who run the event challenged everyone to double their daily average, I was sitting at half of my average 5000, and wasn’t sure I was going to get much further. Someone else immediately suggested we do some word wars, so we did 3 over the course of the next hour and fifteen minutes.

The Story: The story is really moving along now. My biggest concern is that Leahna is barely in it. I knew that might be an issue, but I’m not sure how to solve it, or if I even can. She may just have to be less of a main character than I had originally planned. Today, Lex learned a little more about how the world works, had his future plans turned upside-down, and found a huge piece to the puzzle of his dad’s death. It didn’t answer any questions–in fact, it raised a lot–but the discovery itself was huge. HUGE.


Total word count: 37666

day 8