Daily Writing Check-in: December 21, 2018

Words/Time: 1 hour, 51 minutes, finishing item #2 in my list of short-term writing goals, and starting on #3:

1. Remove NaNo fodder from 2018 NaNoNovel, put scenes into Scrivener while I still remember my ideas

2. Make Aeldrim not be dead in “Pithea

3. Revise “Pursuit of Power” just enough to be readable by a friend who is interested. I have hefty revisions planned for the structure of that book, but it will take a long time, and they won’t affect the overall story of this world, just what goes into that book. So before I dig into the major work that was part of my recent absence from writing, I want to just make it readable.

4. Read through “Pithea” for further necessary changes

Finishing #2 took me over an hour, but I think I have removed all references to the aftermath of Aeldrim’s death. Now he gets to live and drive everyone crazy in future stories (which will mean I have to write him in to some drafts, but that’s okay. Writing him is a challenge and requires me to step out of my comfort zone, which is a good thing).

As for #3, I have to be careful here. The revision of this book contributed to my almost-3-year hiatus from writing. I am not looking forward to figuring out what I have to do to make this book work. But even just making this post, and re-reading my plan for goal #3 led me to realize that I’m doing too much right now. The plan is just to fix it up the way it is, make it readable, not make it “work.” I will keep the small amount of changes I made on the way to figuring out a better plot line, but instead of continuing down that path (for now), I am going to dig out my list of bigger changes that need made before I am comfortable letting anyone read it.

This friend who is going to read it was instrumental in getting me to where I am in writing these stories, and I know he will enjoy the story for what it is, even with the scenes that I will eventually deem unnecessary to the story (or just having the wrong focus). I look forward to hearing his thoughts on this draft.