Daily Writing Check-in: December 8, 2018

Words/Time: 44 minutes removing “NaNo fodder” from my 2018 NaNoNovel.

I removed 1637 words and got through the rest of the story! However, this time through, I was spotting the places where words needed removed manually. I did a search afterward for the marker I used while writing during November to flag myself later to fodder, and found 95 more instances that I’ll need to go through and get. I’ll do that tomorrow, but it should be all done tomorrow then!

I almost forgot that the rest of #1 on my list of short-term goals is to organize this story into scenes before I set it aside for a while. I’m glad for that, because I didn’t really want to move from it yet. I’m really excited about it (which is saying something for a novel written during NaNoWriMo, especially when it’s still so early in December, and I’m more often thinking back on the novel with disgust still).