Daily Writing Check-in: December 4, 2018

Words/Time: approx. 45 minutes working on goal #2 from my post yesterday.

Though it’s 2nd on my list, and I definitely haven’t finished #1, I went to the writer’s group meeting at my local library tonight. I didn’t want to pack up my laptop, which I would have needed for goal #1, so I decided to start the brainstorming I needed to do for #2. And it worked! I know how to make the change work now, though I’ll leave the actual work for later. I have it all written out if I have forgotten about the plan by the time I get to it.

I haven’t mentioned this yet, but with NaNoWriMo over, I am making it my goal to do some sort of writing work for 20 minutes every day. I am using the goal tracker on the NaNoWriMo website to keep track of my work. I will also post here every day that I’ve done some writing work. It’s helped me in the past to maintain the habit, so I hope it does again.