Daily Writing Check-in: December 9, 2018

Words/Time: 32 minutes removing “NaNo fodder” from my 2018 NaNoNovel.

I have removed all the rest of the junk that I left in for word count. There are still many notes that I wrote myself that need addressed, but with those removed, the official first draft of this novel comes in at 81,000 words.

Next I am working on putting the scenes from this story into Scrivener so I can begin to organize it. I left the order pretty messy.

I’m still tracking my progress this month on the NaNoWriMo site, with a goal of about 20 minutes per day worked on writing. However, I’m not needing that extra push these days. I’m still pretty excited about this story, so it’s easy to make sure to work on it every day, even if only for a short time.

goal tracker 12-9