Daily Writing Check-in: December 17, 2018

Words/Time: 27 minutes putting my 2018 NaNoNovel into Scrivener by the scene. Also 187 words of writing practice.

I thought I’d finish it today, but it’s a little more complicated than just copying & pasting. For one thing, I’m trying to utilize the tools in Scrivener to allow myself to see summaries of scenes at a glance, so that takes a little longer. But I’m also still trying to make sure I have the story flow right as I copy & paste things over. I don’t want to get too crazy right now, worrying about the flow and structure, but some of the “present time” scenes really need broken down into tiny bits to be spread out right for the “past time” scenes. I’m afraid the story is actually going to end up disjointed because some of the present time scenes are only a few lines. I’ll worry about that later though.

A Monday Moment: Christmas Spirit

For today’s Monday Moment, I pulled another card from my Story World: Christmas Tales set. I pulled this out last night and thought about what to write, but ended up just too tired to think of anything (I had a very long week).

I usually prefer to post these Monday Moments earlier in the day, but I just came to a point where I knew I wasn’t going to write anything worth reading last night. I hoped to have time to write something today, but the card hadn’t sparked any ideas, so I decided to look elsewhere.

Then I picked the card up again and reminded me that what I write doesn’t have to be taken directly from what’s on the card, but can go anywhere, inspired by the images.

Here is what I came up with:

Christmas was always his favorite time of year. It was also the time of year he was the most unbearable. She had grown accustomed to his jovial nature, his generous attitude, and his childish spirit. She could even pretend to like it. But it all went into overtime during the Christmas season. She was most in danger of revealing herself then.

She knew there were risks, but she had the sleeping powder for a reason. Granted, it wasn’t just to give herself a break, but somehow, every year, there was that one night that she had just had enough. She couldn’t handle it anymore. She couldn’t handle him.

After the first two years, she found that she was looking forward to the night she’d treat herself by putting him to sleep for a while. The type of sleep she knew he wouldn’t shake himself out of no matter what little goblins and demons worked around him. She could have her peace, get her work done without hiding, and even have a visitor over.

Maybe this year, she’d treat herself a second night. Or was that too greedy?

Christmas Eve2

I’m not sure I kept with the spirit of the card…on the other hand, that snowman is creepy.