NaNoWriMo Day 9

The Words: 3607 written today. I went to bed early last night so I could get up early in the morning. I managed to squeeze in 800 words after midnight, before bed. Then I was busy most of the day. In anticipation of that, and with 12,000 words left to write, I had already decided that if I could just get 2000 words in today, I could possibly finish the rest with two 5000-word days. I had about half an hour to write in the afternoon, and wrote about 1800 during that time. I was settled with that, if need be. Then at 11 pm, I found myself free, and I saw some people in my region’s Skype group were about to do a word war. I ran around getting ready (into warm, comfy clothes, water bottle, laptop ready) and joined in on 2 word wars, thus reaching the number you see above. I’m very sleepy now and not sure if I can do my head-start writing before bed. Even if I did, it may not make sense.

The Story: Lex spent most of today’s words in a half-baked, crazy scheme to find some answers. He put himself and his friend in danger and was very upset by the lack of results. At the end of my writing, he was playing with a very dangerous object that he has no reason to think won’t kill him if he uses. Still, he sees it as a possible means to an end, and he’s nothing if not obsessive. He has to accomplish his task, no matter the cost. So we’ll see where this takes him.


Total word count: 41273

day 9

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