July 30

Time worked:  1:32

Work done:  Revising “Adventures in Pithea.” Not going to be counting pages for a few days, because I’m working on making an action scene. The whole thing is maybe 3-4 pages, but it’ll take me days to get it how I want it. Took me a lot of the time I spent today just trying to organize my thoughts. I compared the entire battle with the parallel battle from the original version of the story, and decided I liked some of the elements of the original that hadn’t made it into this version, so I’ll find a way to incorporate them. I also like the way some of the events flowed before, so I’m reordering some of the battle now too. So where I left off today, Julius was the first to be injured, but has been mended. And I’m not sure what Naolin was doing while Missy was trying to help Julius. Probably standing around being bored.

Also, I’m about 20 minutes shy of my goal for Camp NaNo, and tomorrow is the last day. I’ve totally got this.

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