June 16

Time worked:  ≈1:00

Work done:  Some writing practice, that ended up being an advertisement for the island my stories take place on, Pithea, but from over a thousand years ago, when it was a tourist destination. Also some work on editing in part 3, where one of my sisters is reading and making suggestions.

June 2

Time worked:  1:00

Work done:  Revising & rewriting “Adventures in Pithea.” I really don’t know how people do this. It took that whole hour to rewrite 4 paragraphs to make them more descriptive and, I feel, stronger. I’m exhausted just thinking about how long it will take me to do so with the rest of the book.

June 1

Time worked:  1:57

Work done:  Writing new scenes for the story that I’ve marked as being needed, but hadn’t written yet. Compared to how much I can write in 2 hours during NaNoWriMo, that was actually pathetic, but…NaNo’s different.

There may be no events going on, and no fun websites to keep track of my progress or give me goodies if I win, but I still wanted to tally up my total hours for the month of May. I worked 24 hours and 57 minutes for the whole month. That comes to an average of 48 minutes a day. Considering that during April, while participating in Camp NaNo, I wrote 30.5 hours the whole month, I’d say that’s not too bad for needing to self-motivate!