July 27

Time worked:  1:56

Work done:  Revising “Adventures in Pithea.” Got through…some pages. I forgot to check how many. I spent most of the time, though, typing up much of the rewriting I’ve done by hand, so it would be on the computer somewhere. Right now, Missy is telling Julius what really happened back in Taellyn after everyone had gone home for the night, since it’s different now.

July 26

Time worked:  :39

Work done:  Revising “Adventures in Pithea.” Got through over 13 pages today, which is amazing! Apparently I dislike what’s going on in part two much less than I did part one, because there has been a lot less rewriting so far. Bramen Seeger still made Naolin all awkward, and Naolin is so far still witness to Missy’s first step toward her true path.