July 16

Time worked:  1:28

Work done:  Rewriting and revising “Adventures in Pithea.” 1 1/2 pages done, with an emphasis on the rewriting. And it was an action scene, which have always been harder for me, so I don’t feel as bad not even doing 2 pages. I also realized something–some of the rewriting I’m doing is turning out to be more words than the section being replaced. So if I write 600 words, but what was originally there was only 200, it’s not an accurate reflection of how much work I’m doing when I only got through a page, but wrote more than what was originally there. Though on the other hand, the original pages are double spaced, so when I say I did 1 1/2 pages, it’s really not that much. But hey, I’m on page 28, which is at least past the 10 pages I worried would be all the further I’d get by the end of July.