July 31

Time worked:  :33

Work done:  Revising “Adventures in Pithea.” Still writing out the action. Missy is going to the aid of Quinn, who is a lot less helpless this time around.

I’m so glad I worked extra last night to be only 20 minutes shy of my Camp NaNo goal today. I had a hard time getting 33 minutes, because I have a headache that’s quickly growing in strength. Even with that, though, I did fulfill my goal of working an average of an hour a day throughout July! Now to keep it going…maybe longer than a month this time.

July 30

Time worked:  1:32

Work done:  Revising “Adventures in Pithea.” Not going to be counting pages for a few days, because I’m working on making an action scene. The whole thing is maybe 3-4 pages, but it’ll take me days to get it how I want it. Took me a lot of the time I spent today just trying to organize my thoughts. I compared the entire battle with the parallel battle from the original version of the story, and decided I liked some of the elements of the original that hadn’t made it into this version, so I’ll find a way to incorporate them. I also like the way some of the events flowed before, so I’m reordering some of the battle now too. So where I left off today, Julius was the first to be injured, but has been mended. And I’m not sure what Naolin was doing while Missy was trying to help Julius. Probably standing around being bored.

Also, I’m about 20 minutes shy of my goal for Camp NaNo, and tomorrow is the last day. I’ve totally got this.

July 29

Time worked:  :56

Work done:  Revising “Adventures in Pithea.” Not nearly as many pages done today, though I forgot to count. There were a lot of distractions tonight. Late start, dealing with a cold, and people talking to me a lot. I ended up giving up on the actual revising and finishing up with character profiling I started a while ago, to send to my sister who has recently finished the story and is ready to start comparing notes. Currently though, Naolin, Missy, and Julius are embroiled in a maddened fight for their lives. But I can’t help but wonder if I wrote it better the first time around.

July 28

Time worked:  1:10

Work done:  Revising “Adventures in Pithea.” Sixteen pages done, very little rewriting. There’s a conversation between Naolin and Missy that I wrote without thinking too much (not tonight), and I really like most of it, including the unhappy end. It could do with some reminders of what’s going on while they’re talking, some description or whatnot, but that’ll still come later.

July 27

Time worked:  1:56

Work done:  Revising “Adventures in Pithea.” Got through…some pages. I forgot to check how many. I spent most of the time, though, typing up much of the rewriting I’ve done by hand, so it would be on the computer somewhere. Right now, Missy is telling Julius what really happened back in Taellyn after everyone had gone home for the night, since it’s different now.

July 26

Time worked:  :39

Work done:  Revising “Adventures in Pithea.” Got through over 13 pages today, which is amazing! Apparently I dislike what’s going on in part two much less than I did part one, because there has been a lot less rewriting so far. Bramen Seeger still made Naolin all awkward, and Naolin is so far still witness to Missy’s first step toward her true path.

July 25

Time worked:  :30

Work done:  Revising “Adventures in Pithea.” 3 pages done, which isn’t half bad for half an hour. Not as much rewriting now, which I hope means it’s not needed, not just that I’m not catching that it’s needed. I’m through part 1, which is an accomplishment in itself. Now Naolin is trying to talk Missy into going on the scouting mission with him again. I think she may have given in too easily.

July 24

Time worked:  :44

Work done:  Revising “Adventures in Pithea.” 3 1/2 pages done, including a few new scenes in a row. Blackthore tried to confront some jerk, Naolin realized he can get himself back to Drayune, and Missy, Leahna, and Naolin are finally in Aleutia.

July 23

Time worked:  1:00

Work done:  Revising “Adventures in Pithea.” Two pages done, lots of rewriting again. Naolin and Blackthore aren’t as antagonistic toward each other anymore, which may or may not last. Things are feeling more organized, instead of thrown together quickly. Hopefully all of this work will lead to something good.