NaNoWriMo Day 8

The Words: 1280 total words for the day, though the lower word count today wasn’t intentional. I just didn’t get home until around 11 pm, so I did a couple of 10-minute sprints just to get some words in.

The Story: I shifted gears a little today. Yesterday, I took some time to brainstorm some other ideas of things to add into the story to fill it out some. Most of it was actually necessary in the story anyway, because otherwise the previous book, chronologically speaking, would have some plot points just left dangling. Though the continuation of those things weren’t crucial to the main plot of this book, I think I can tie them into a decent sub-plot. So I started writing that today, because the first of these events should have happened already in the story, before the spot I’d gotten to as of yesterday.

Total word count: 18,036

If you want to join me in my journey through the second year of NaNoToons (with a storyline), check out the NaNoToon from November 8, 2011!

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