NaNoWriMo Day 19

The Words: 3399 words today, which is the highest daily count for me this month. I finally decided that I didn’t really care this year if I made the story last right up to the end of the month like I have the last few years. I almost didn’t even participate this year, so goodness knows just winning and having a finished first draft will be more than enough. Writing every single day simply isn’t a priority this year.

The Story: I just realized, literally when I was deciding what to write in this section, that I’m doing it again. I’m taking a character that’s not the MC and making her too big. She’s suspected of a crime, a situation that I didn’t plan to last more than a few days, and I’m dragging it out. Plus, the actual MC is sort of there during all of this, but more in the background. That needs to end immediately, he needs to come back to the foreground, and I need to move on.

Total word count: 38,800

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