NaNoWriMo Day 12

The Words: 1894 total words, all written by my lonesome in one 15- and one 20-minute sprint. I expected it to be another day to just write a few words to keep my streak, because my husband and I were supposed to go to a concert tonight. But it was postponed (for possibly a year) due to a large number of the tour personnel testing positive for covid. So I guess I can appreciate the small silver lining that I had time to write.

The Story: Today I got to visit a part of my world that is off the beaten path, so to speak. And even more fun, I got to visit a couple of characters who have been tucked away for a while. One of them is a main character in a past book and changed a lot between then and the time in this book, so it’s kind of like getting to know a new character. And there was more reminiscing of previous books, which always makes for quick and fun writing.

Total word count: 24,984

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