NaNoWriMo Day 7

The Words: 1029 total words for the day, a purposely lower word count. This was partly because I was tired and just wanted to be done a little earlier, and partly because I want to try to keep from finishing the story before the end of the month. I did brainstorm some other scenes, which I think I can possibly tie together into something of a subplot, but I don’t know that they’ll add enough for me to go back to 2500 words per day.

The Story: Stuff really hit the fan today, and that 1000 words took me right up to the beginning of a loud, attention-grabbing confrontation that will set the scene for a major plot point to follow. I’m actually not sure how well the confrontation will come out, whether or not I can keep it from just sounding comical, but that’s tomorrow’s problem.

Total word count: 16,756

If you want to join me in my journey through the second year of NaNoToons (with a storyline), check out the NaNoToon from November 7, 2011!

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