NaNoWriMo Day 5

Day 5 writing badgeThe Words: 4392 words. My husband and I both had today off, which isn’t very common (outside of Sundays, which are usually busy for other reasons), so I was able to find some time in the afternoon to write. I did some sprints with @NaNoWordSprints. The first one I caught was 15 minutes, but when I got down to 5 minutes left, my husband told me we had to turn off our computers. Apparently someone from the electric company was here to replace our meter, and he was going to need to turn the electricity off for a few seconds. Of all the ways I’ve been interrupted during NaNoWriMo word sprints, that was probably the most unique. After 3 sprints with the Twitter feed, I had 1800 words.

On Tuesday nights, we have write-ins at my local library. They’re the only write-ins I go to, because most of the write-ins in my region are about 40 minutes away (I live in a city near the actual city of my region). I planned to get another 1500 words tonight, and figured I’d get most of that during the write-in.

I should mention that these write-ins are kind of an off-shoot of a writing group at the library. We meet one Tuesday a month throughout the year, but meet every Tuesday during NaNo. However, of the regular attenders of the group, I’m the only one that does NaNo. While they do call the Tuesdays during November write-ins, for most of them, it’s just an excuse to write more than they normally do, of whatever they’re working on. So it’s not like your typical write-in (though to be honest, I only have a passing understanding of how normal write-ins are). We talk at least as much as we write, and tonight was no exception. We did do 2 sprints though, one of 25 minutes and one of 20. Between them, I got 2500 words (far more than my goal!) on my Neo.

So for once, I’m post before midnight, because I do not plan to write any more today. Night off, yay!

The Story:  The first chunk of writing was for storyline 1. The newlyweds were interrupted on the way to their honeymoon, and are now poised on the edge of trying to force someone to help them who is going to be resistant to the idea.

While I was at the write-in, I continued the 3rd storyline, which I have decided to label storyline 2b, because it will eventually meet up with storyline 2. Right now, it’s just introductions mostly.

Total word count: 20,209

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November 5, 2019

2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Day 5

    • Thank you! It’s going well so far.
      I remembered IWSG just in time, scheduled a post last night that went up probably half an hour after you stopped by. 😀 I’m so happy to be a part of IWSG!


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