NaNoWriMo Day 2

Day 2 writing badgeThe Words: 2810 words, all on my Neo. Today being Saturday, I had dreams of getting some writing in during the day, but it wasn’t meant to be. My evening writing time came a little late too, with me finally sitting down to write at 10 pm. And the 2 hours from then until midnight (I always stop at midnight to count my words for the day) lacked focus, both in the time spent actually putting words into the Neo, and in the content of what I was writing.

When it got to be about 11:20, I planned to hit 3000 before stopping, but my numbers got thrown off by 400 extra words I found last night after midnight, when transferring my writing from the Neo to the computer. Though I tried to get the NaNo site to recognize that those words from the day before, apparently that feature isn’t working on the new site yet.

Anyway, 2800 words isn’t a bad number by any means! But my goal every year is more than just hitting 50k, but actually finishing the draft, because I know that if I don’t before November ends, I won’t for a long, long time after that. And based on the length of this year’s story’s outline and past experience, I think shooting for 100k words this year is my best bet. Hence setting my personal daily goal at 3333 words (double the normal amount). I didn’t make it today, but surpassed it yesterday, so I’m still on track.

The Story:  I switched to the other storyline today (I’ll call this one storyline 2, simply because I started it after storyline 1, but I don’t actually know which will start first in the final story). Today brought a character that has been around since the beginning of this series and is usually pretty calm and collected, but today she got to show a different side, as she is understandably pretty angry at her best friend, who made a huge, life-affecting decision at the very end of the previous book that she really doesn’t agree with.

I need to get a synopsis written up for this story…

Total word count: 8835

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