NaNoWriMo Day 3

Day 3 writing badgeThe Words: 3628 words, all on my Neo. I tend to bring either my Neo or a notebook everywhere I go during November, just in case I have some free time. While in the car today, I realized that I was missing some prime writing time. Normally, I can’t do anything like read or look at a phone while riding in the car, or I get dizzy and queasy, but with the Neo, I could just type without even looking down at the keyboard. So on the trip back home from church, I wrote for maybe 15 minutes and got a bit over 600 words.

Later, I caught a couple of word sprints on my region’s Discord server for right around 2000 words, and a couple of sprints with @NaNoWordSprints in the evening got me to my total for the night.

The Story:  When I was in the car, I wasn’t sure where I’d left off in either of my main storylines, so I decided to start on a 3rd. It is technically part of storyline 2, but it’s a different location and separate character, which will meet up with the rest of storyline 2 at some point later in the story. Then the rest of my writing at home, I worked on storyline 1. There was a wedding and an explosion. What an exciting day!

Total word count: 12,466

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2019 – November 3rd

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