NaNoWriMo Day 4

The Words: 2799 written today. We had the fourteenth meeting of the Tri-County Sisterhood of the Traveling Book this evening, which starts at 9:30 pm and goes anywhere from 11:30-12:30. In preparation for that, I made sure to get some writing in during the day. My daughter joined me again, thus cutting my writing down just a bit. Then, after she was in bed, I had about 45 minutes to write some more, but suddenly my 12-year-old son decided he wanted to try doing NaNo too, so I had to set him up with a laptop. He said he wanted to use, a site that I use for my sprints, so I helped him with that too. In the end, I’m definitely happy to have written more than 1000 words past the daily minimum.

The Story: The second main character has finally been introduced. Her name is Leahna, and she’s a very close friend of the main character of the story I wrote last year. Unfortunately, she’s coming across very snobby and rude. That’s not her at all, but I will have to fix it in editing. I just got to the first part of this story that actually meshes with last year’s story (they run mostly parallel to each other), so it’s hopefully going to be even more fun to write for a little while.


Total word count: 17753

day 4

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