May 8

Time worked:  1:32

Work done:  Worked on plot for Pursuit of Power, during which I realized a huge snafu I had made. So I had to go back to the timeline and resolve some issues, though I wasn’t terribly thrilled with my choices. I do think I’ve resolved them, though. I also worked out some mechanics issues that I’ve been questioning for a while, but never really worked out. All of this I did while washing dishes, with a headset microphone and an audio recording program. Eventually I’ll have to spend the same amount of time listening to myself talk and taking notes. Will I count that time again? Heck yeah, because it’s still working on my writing, and sometimes new insights come out of the note-taking too.

I have no more writing practice blurbs to post. Well actually, I do, but I fear it’s a bit spoiler-filled to share. Instead, I’ll share a scene straight out of the story, which still involves Evan and his view of the world. There are lots of characters here, so I hope it’s not too confusing. Plus, there’s stuff going on that I can’t explain. But Evan is still pretty fun. Also, go here for some insight into the Madness they’re referring to: Post about…the Madness, what else?


“Why would anyone do that?” Missy asked. “The Madness is enough of a nuisance as it is.”

“It’s more than a nuisance,” Quinn added. “It’s a menace.”

Evan scoffed. “The Madness keeps life interesting.” When he saw the others looking at him with disbelief, he continued, “Think about what life would be like without it. What would the militias be doing? Sitting around, whittling sticks, hoping for a war?”

“No!” Missy protested. “I would certainly hope you wouldn’t be wanting a war!”

“He has a point, though,” Naolin countered. “Not about hoping for a war, I mean–that’s kind of ridiculous. But there are many members of the militias in this country. If there were no Madness, there would certainly not be enough for everyone to do.”

“If there were no Madness, we wouldn’t need such large militias,” Missy pointed out. “Many of the people who have joined would instead have found something else to do with their lives.”

“How horrible,” Evan said, making a face. “That sounds like a very boring life too. I never wanted to be anything but a Swordsman in my local militia.”

Naolin nodded in agreement.

“Sure, but without the Madness, you wouldn’t have grown up knowing about militias and Madness runs and beasts in the woods. You would’ve had a much different life, and you would probably have happily chosen a different path. Both of you.”

“Besides, the Madness does already exist, and it keeps the militias on their toes enough as it is,” Julius added. “What they’re doing here—making it more dangerous—is pretty terrible.”

“Hey, is anyone else hungry?” Evan asked out of nowhere.

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