April 30

Camp NaNoWriMo ended today, and I met my goal of 30 hours editing time for the month. The folks over at NaNoWriMo asked on their Facebook page what our favorite camp memories were for this month, and this is my response:

“For me it was the point when the work I was doing became less something I had to do, and more something I wanted to do. I’m revising my 2013 November NaNo novel, and it was going very slowly before camp started. At some point about halfway through, I realized I wasn’t only working for the ‘word count,’ but because I really wanted to get the work done and someday be able to call this novel finished. I’ve made so much progress thanks to Camp NaNo!

It’s because of NaNoWriMo that I am where I am on this book. It gave me the push to write it, and has given me the push to edit. Now I’m seeing it shape into something halfways decent. While I still wouldn’t call the editing process fun, I don’t dread it as much as I used to. I’m already looking forward to July’s Camp NaNoWriMo. If this blog keeps me going like I hope, I won’t need July’s camp to push me back to working, but it can still provide a month of more intense focus.

Time worked:  1:06

Work done:  Continued working on plot for Pursuit of Power.

April 29

Time worked:  1 hour

Work done:  Continued on outline for Alexander’s parallel story, working title–Pursuit of Power. Because the two main characters in Pursuit of Power have roles in the story I’m currently revising, and the two stories take place at the same time, I have to make sure I know the basic story for Pursuit of Power before I can ever finalize the other story.

In Which I Start a Blog for a Silly Reason

Ever since I finished the first draft of the book I’m writing, I realized something important. It will never be done if I don’t take the time to work on it. It’s an interesting concept, to say the least. It didn’t write itself, so I certainly can’t expect it to revise and finish itself. I have discovered that when I have some external way of keeping track of my progress, I work better.

Originally that was the NaNoWriMo site, where I upload my daily word count. The bonus there is that there is a big community of other people doing what I’m doing, and I get winner goodies if I reach the monthly goal. However, even after NaNoWiMo was over, I continued keeping track of my word count on a site called Final Deadline. My goal was not as strenuous as is was during NaNo, but I still progressed steadily. Then I finished the first draft, and it was time to start revising.

There is no site (that I know of) for keeping track of time spent revising. For far too long, I slacked off. I told myself constantly that I needed to keep working, but managed only a few pages at a time, on sporadic days. Then Camp NaNo started. I used that to propel myself back into my work, setting myself a goal of 1 hour of time spent revising per day. That worked wonders, as I have gotten a lot done on the novel. However, there is still oh so much left to do, and Camp NaNo ends tomorrow.

It’s sad to know that I can’t motivate myself, and I do think that the momentum I have right now will carry me a while past the end of April. However, I know I will eventually slow down…it’s just how it always goes. Frankly, almost anything else I can do with my free time is easier on the brain, so it’s more likely I’ll gravitate towards that when I know I should be revising.

I didn’t really think I’d ever start a blog. I had nothing to write about, no interesting thoughts to share, certainly no witty advice to give on any subject. Keeping myself accountable to my writing may not be the best reason to start a blog, but I need somewhere at least semi-public to be able to update my progress. And like my Final Deadline account, I may be the only person to ever have any reason to care about and visit this, but as long as it keeps me working, that’s okay.