May 21

Not that I haven’t missed a day before now, but this was a special situation. A stomach bug hit my family Sunday, and today was the first day since then I felt particularly up to working on my writing. It did take me some extra pushing to get myself back into this mode, too, after 3 days off. But here I am.

Time worked:  :45

Work donePlot outline for Pursuit of Power, which I think is done now. After wrestling with a murky area, inspiration hit me at about 2:30 last night when I was trying to sleep. I had to turn a light on and write out the flow of events, and then talk them out with my husband today to make sure they work. I am so happy and at the same time apologetic about the plans I have for this story. Call me crazy, but I feel so bad when I do mean things to my characters… In any event, tomorrow I will hopefully put the events of Pursuit of Power into my timeline, to make sure they match okay with the main story, and then it might just be time to dive back into revising the actual book.