May 27

Time worked: :54

Work done:  In preparation for diving back into the proofreading and revising, I went through the list of unanswered questions I made from the first read-through. I attempted to answer them all, or at least mark where they could be answered so that I could fix them when going through the story again. And that took me 54 minutes. Two of them are still unanswered and I’m not sure what to do about them. I’ll deal with them later though.

Henceforth, the novel previously referred to as “The Series” or even “unnamed novel” will be called “Adventures in Pithea.” This is still a working title, but the original moniker of “The Series” makes much, much less sense now. And since I’ve also been working on the plot outline and timeline for another story, which does have a name, it’s gotten more complicated (if only in my own mind) to say things like, “I’m matching up timelines for Pursuit of Power and the unnamed story that is the one I’ve actually written.” Which I feel the need to explain to avoid confusion, because it doesn’t have a name to easily distinguish it from any other stories I may be working on.

So, “Adventures in Pithea,” working title. Or when I inevitably start shortening it, AiP.