NaNoWriMo Day 10

The Words: 2217 total words, which I’m pretty happy about after yesterday. The sinus headache at the back of my head came back part way through the day, not to mention general tiredness brought on by sickness, but after a few hours of relaxing in bed, I made myself go downstairs to write instead of using my Neo in bed. I figured I’d let myself be lazy again if I stayed in bed. I sprinted for 10 minutes while waiting for a longer sprint on the @NaNoWordSprints feed on Twitter to be over, and then joined them for a 30-minute sprint, which got me 1699 words. I called it a night after that.

The Story: A particularly volatile character was visited in prison, and I’m not sure I wrote her very well. She’s going to be the most difficult character to get right in this story, as well as the one before it where she has the most “screen time.”

Total word count: 20,477

If you want to join me in my journey through the second year of NaNoToons (with a storyline), check out the NaNoToon from November 10, 2011!

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