NaNoWriMo Day 27

Day 27 writing badge

The Words: 2213 words. I had an afternoon alone today and an evening with just my husband and me home, so I made sure to spend some time writing in the afternoon, to open up my evening to spend with my husband. I wrote just past par and ended at a pivotal moment. My brain kept working on it after my husband came home, so I had to write just a little bit more to avoid forgetting what I’d decided to do. Then later, after the kids came home, I had a little extra time, but couldn’t focus well enough to get more than 80 words.

The Story:  The secondary climax (which is the main climax of storyline 2) went quite well for a first draft, contrary to what I expected. Then after that, I got to write what I feel like is one of my best out-of-nowhere-but-it-works ideas for the later books of this series. There’s definitely not much left of storyline 2, and I have to figure out how to end it.

Total word count: 79,809

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November 27, 2019

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