Daily Writing Check-in: January 26, 2016

Words/Time:  45 minutes revising “Pursuit of Power” during the writing group meeting at the library. To start the real revision, I’m writing out a list of scenes and color coding them by plot line. I’m also tagging them with the characters who are involved, and may add setting to it later. Hopefully this will help me to make sure my subplots are tight (and worth including) and that there aren’t random plot strands that shouldn’t be in the story.  It’s also giving me a chance to re-familiarize myself with the story as a whole before starting to read.

I was going to do this on paper with a pen, and then highlight different plot lines with different color highlighters (I got the idea for this here, but the rest of the process I do in a different order or a different way). But at the library, I didn’t have a pen, only a pencil (which wouldn’t work well with highlighter). So I figured I’d see how it worked in Scrivener. Once I figured out how to color code it and how to add characters to each scene that could be grouped later, it went pretty well. And I can see the whole story board at once, which is nice. I got through about half the story today, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to finish it tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Daily Writing Check-in: January 26, 2016

  1. Sounds like you have a great process going 🙂 Color coding is essential for me when editing as well. It helps to be able to glance at a page and know without reading words what points apply to character development or plot arcs or subplots. I haven’t used Scrivener to its full potential yet and I won’t on my current WIP but I think I will for the next.
    Halfway through! Wow! That’s very quick. Best of luck getting through the rest of it 🙂

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    • It’s not all that impressive. I’m just summing up the scenes with a line or two. It’s a pretty quick process as long as I don’t start reading the scenes along the way. Or find other rabbit trails to distract me.

      Now that I have all the scenes entered in, I can put the actual text into Scrivener as I revise and it’ll make it easier later when I’m ready to divide chapters. That is one thing from my revision of “Pithea” that I’m sure I’ll do the same way with this one (though I may do it sooner than I did with “Pithea”). I’m not sure I’m using Scrivener to the depth its creators had intended, but it’s been a useful tool for me in many ways.

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