Daily Writing Check-in: January 4, 2016

Words/Time: 45 minutes working on the brief synopsis of “Pithea” that I’ll be sending to a publishing company soon. All of the people I sent it to have responded in some way, a few of them with some minor notes of things to change. I’ve polished up the synopsis, will sit on it for a day or two without looking at it (if I can help it) and then give it one more look later this week. After that, I think it’ll be time to release “Pithea” out into the world (or at least the first few chapters).

I’ve been working on crafting a decent one-sentence synopsis too, with the help of my husband, who was bugged by a lot of the wording I’d used in my first attempt. I suppose it’s normal to feel like one sentence can’t possibly encompass everything the story holds (especially when you’re looking at a 100k-word novel, and especially when a lot of what makes the story different and interesting is some sort of fantastical element that can’t possibly be boiled down). But this is what we came up with today, and we like it:
Two teenagers discover friends and enemies, triumph and tragedy, as they forge their own paths in a world alive with Power and Madness.