The Triangle Update

1The Triangle is well on its way to being published. (Note my change from using quotes around the title to formatting it in italics because it’s a proper book now.) Here is the pertinent information about the upcoming release:

Paperback copy: I am awaiting the proof in the mail, which is stated to arrive over a week from now still. If that copy looks good, the paperback copy should be available soon after that. When it’s released, I will post a link to a location from which it can be purchased.

Digital copy: The official release date of the Kindle version is January 15th. It is available for pre-order right now.

Both: If for any reason you want, or think you might want, both the paperback and the digital copy, I suggest waiting until the paperback is out. Amazon has a program that allows the customer to buy eligible books in hardcopy, and get a discount on the digital. My book is enrolled in that program, so buying both the paperback and the digital copy that way will save you a few dollars.