Daily Writing Check-in: January 7, 2016

Words/Time:  483 words. Some of it was unrelated writing practice, and some of it was writing the following synopsis:

The Triangle
Tyler Bradley has a good life. He’s been married for seventeen years, has two daughters, makes a comfortable living, goes to church on Sunday, and really has no complaints. But one small, innocuous change reveals a tiny crack in his happy life. That crack widens and widens until one day Tyler looks around and can’t understand how he got where he is. And worse yet, the crack threatens to devour his entire family.

Hoping to repair the damage, Tyler begins to study the Bible he’s heard so much about, but never bothered delving into. During his searching, he meets someone who captures his attention, and then his heart. She manages to brighten his life, while also muddling his mind. While this new relationship deepens, his home life only gets worse; how will Tyler recapture the good life he once thought he had?