Daily Writing Check-in: January 22, 2016

Words/Time:  523 words of writing practice writing out something that was swimming through my mind all day today. I would have done more, but my husband wanted to play a game we started earlier in the week. It’s called Her Story, and we’re very nearly at the end.

Tomorrow, we’re doing another escape room. The owners of one of only 3 escape room companies in our immediate area, and our current favorite, have asked us to beta test their newest room. So we’re going to do that tomorrow. (The room is already open, but they want us to give them detailed feedback after we’ve finished.) Hopefully I’ll be home early enough to get some work in tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Daily Writing Check-in: January 22, 2016

  1. Her Story sounds like a fun game! Hope you had fun at the Escape Room too! I tend to find that games that require a bit more imagination are great opportunities to inspire the creative mind.
    Good luck with your writing 🙂

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    • The game was fun, though didn’t take very long to finish. My husband and I had fun trying to deduce what was happening. I tend to enjoy games where there’s no real story, because I often end up giving my characters personalities and even side or backstories inside my head. I mean, that’s where “Pithea” and all the stories following it got their start. And the escape room was a blast! I’m pretty well hooked on the things.

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