Daily Writing Check-in: January 18, 2016

Words/Time:  45 minutes doing some preliminary edits to “Pursuit of Power.” I started by going over the notes I made while I was writing the first draft, notes of things I wanted to make sure to change later, or add, or take out. Then I went through some of the brainstorming I’ve done since then, getting an idea of what I think should happen after the end of this story, because it’s a continuation and is important that I know what to be setting up for later. And then I finally went to the draft and started a full spelling & grammar check. I’d done a spelling check before, shortly after I finished the first draft, but had avoided the grammar part. There are a lot of extra spaces between words, and some lower case letters at the beginning of sentences. I figured it was better to get rid of them now than find them when I start my first revision.

After the grammar check is done (I’m halfway through it so far), I’ll try to outline the broad points of the follow-up story before I start into revising.

2 thoughts on “Daily Writing Check-in: January 18, 2016

  1. Spelling and grammar checks are always a great way to ease into edits. I hope the rest of it goes well and that the outlining doesn’t prove too arduous 🙂 It seems like you have a good grasp on what you need to do to make this next book a reality.

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