4 thoughts on “Daily Writing Check-in: January 13, 2016

    • Everything’s fine overall. Just some stress I’ve dealt with coming to a head all at once. I don’t like it when my “me time” which is also my only real writing time gets disrupted or cut short, and that’s been happening a lot lately. Writing a synopsis, query letter, or whatever else that needs done for publishing submissions is a lot more difficult than any other work I’ve really done, so having a rough night makes it hard to focus on that kind of task.

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        • Most of my issues lately are kid/family-related, so I just need to learn how to balance things until this phase of life has give way to the next. Now and then, though, things hit this fever pitch and writing (daily) feels all at once like an impossible goal and a necessary escape. Fortunately it’s not all the time.

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