Daily Writing Check-in: January 11, 2016

Words/Time:  1.5 hours working on the cover letter for “Pithea.” That involved a lot of research again, but I think I’m finally on the right track. Hopefully all of this time I’m spending researching now will result in relative ease of writing this and future cover or query letters.

Of course, this isn’t the type of work I had in mind for my 500-word daily challenge, but I have limited time to work on anything writing-related, so I do what I can. And I forgot my plan to do a little writing practice at the outset of each evening’s writing time, but it’s a new plan, so some forgetfulness makes sense.

2 thoughts on “Daily Writing Check-in: January 11, 2016

    • I already know some of what I don’t want to do in future synopses that I send, because of things I wish I hadn’t done with the first one I already sent. So trial and error is definitely right.

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