Daily Writing Check-in: January 3, 2016

Words/Time: 3:10 hours finishing the next (and hopefully last) draft of “Pithea.” (WOOHOO!!!) The work consisted mostly of reading, making sure everything flows, and making a few small edits along the way. I got through the last 3 chapters after midnight, and then went on to work on the brief synopsis that I need for the first submission I plan to make.

The synopsis was oddly both harder and easier than I expected it to be. As soon as I realized that even a brief listing of all the plot points would be too long for the space I was given (2-3 pages double-spaced, which is basically 1.5 pages of text), I gave up on a traditional synopsis. Because the book is 4 parts, each with its own sub-conflict and resolution, but tied together by a couple of main plot threads, I gave up on the sub-plots completely and just made sure to explain the main plot lines well. Add to that the space taken up by giving a brief introduction to my story world (no technology, magic-like Power substance, and Madness), and that was the bulk of my 2-3 pages.

The reason I said it was also easier than I expected is because, overall, it didn’t take me as long to write it as I thought it would. Now I’m waiting on feedback from the main 5 people who already know the story, so I can make sure it’s as good as it can be. I anticipate my first submission by the end of the week!

4 thoughts on “Daily Writing Check-in: January 3, 2016

  1. So amazing! I always dread writing a synopsi, for the reasons that you found it hard to right. I’m glad that it wasn’t too strenuous for you 🙂 I hope you can send it out at the end of this week! *Fingers crossed* for best results 🙂

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    • I’m tweaking it, and questioning a paragraph that my sisters both wondered about, but I’ll make the final decisions soon. I think I’ve finally hit on a solid one-sentence synopsis too, which is about the hardest thing ever. It’s really happening, though, which is both exciting and scary!

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        • Surreal is right. I really thought it would be a while longer before I got to this point. I keep wondering how I managed to get here so quick, and that’s considering how long it’s actually been. If it gets picked up by a publisher, I’ll be in shock for a while, I think. And whatever the route ends up being, when it is finally published…I’ll probably drive my husband nuts for a while with my uncontainable excitement.

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