Daily Challenge Check-in: February 13, 2015

Words: 663 writing. Nothing story-related, just some dream journaling. This is actually yesterday’s post. Today I did nothing. It’s Valentine’s Day, my kids are gone for the weekend, and my husband and I had various plans throughout the day. It remains to be seen if I will do any work tomorrow either. The kids will still be gone, so I may just rebel and do absolutely nothing productive.

I’m going to do something unusual today and post the dream I wrote about. There were some things about it that were different from my normal dreams (and some that were the same). The main thing is that the man referenced in the dream was more vivid to me than people usually are. Most of my dreams involve me just “knowing” who someone in the dream is supposed to be. That is my husband, just because it is. That’s a character from a show I watched recently, though there’s nothing descriptive about her. It just is her. Or if it’s no one I would know, then it’s just a featureless person shape. This dream, though, I specifically remember what the guy looked like. It’s weird.

So read on if you want, or don’t. It’s not exactly deep and meaningful. (Disclaimer: I typed this almost exactly as I’d written it after actually having the dream. There are mistakes and the prose isn’t pretty, but I don’t care. It’s not exactly worth fixing up.)

I was not at home, but my husband was. He conveyed to me by some means (it could have been phone or Facebook messaging) that a man that he had let come into the house refused to leave. The man insisted that it was his right and duty to make sure that everyone in the house was safe the whole rest of the day.

I returned home, and my husband was getting ready to go to work. Someone knocked on the door and I absently opened it. A man walked into the house and started going up the stairs. I knew then that it was the man Logan had been talking about.

I tried to tell him he needed to leave, but he refused. He was back downstairs already at this point. He took a card out of his walled and showed it to me. I couldn’t read it very well because he kept talking and I couldn’t concentrate. But from what I could tell, it was a medical insurance card that stated that as long as he was invited into a house, he could stay there for the day and help them be safe, take care of them, basically do whatever he wanted.

I told him I didn’t care what the card said, he couldn’t just say. I would call the police.

He said something like, “Tell my mom I say hi.”

I responded with a sarcastic, “I’m sure every police officer is your mom.”

The man was maybe 5’9”-10”. He was a little overweight with a round belly. And his dark hair was buzzed short.

I went out of the room and around a corner and sat down, unsure of what to do. I was certain that if I did call the police, his ridiculous card wouldn’t keep them from making him leave. For some reason, though, I didn’t call.

Then suddenly he was at the door again. I let him in without thinking and was angry at myself. I wanted to fix it and thought if I could force my husband’s iPad to crash, we’d be back in time to before I let the man in. I got the iPad, but accidentally turned it off instead of crashing it. I was frustrated that I had ruined the chance to fix it (because apparently turning it off had “saved” things just how they were).

But then he was at the front door again anyway. However, since he’d already been invited in for the day, he felt he had access for the whole day. So to keep him out, we had to do more than just avoid inviting him in. We had to physically keep him from entering. I went around and locked all the doors and windows. I was feeling panicky, always expecting him to show up at the window I was about to lock.

After we’d secured the house, we went out to the backyard. We locked a gate there and the back door, even though we were still outside ourselves. I knew he was outside of the fence around our house, and I really thought we had managed to keep him out.

Then I realized the driveway went all the way through from the street to the backyard. There was no fence around it to keep anyone out. I started yelling to my husband that he could get through that way. I was really upset at this point.

The next thing I remember is that he was up on the deck with us. It was a bigger deck than we actually have. My sister was there, and I was unmarried. I know this because Toni was questioning why I didn’t just think about going out with the intruder. Suddenly it was as if he’d been around enough for us to be used to him.

It was creepy though—like he knew more about us than he should, because he’d been watching us live. I left the deck upset because my sister was trying to push me to go out with him and I was still freaked out by him.

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