Daily Challenge Check-in: February 5, 2015

Words: I’m starting to see how the word count challenge can be a problem when one is revising, rather than writing. When I’m doing strict revising of the text, reading and marking and even rewriting, I count how many words I got through of the original text. But some work just doesn’t lend itself to word counting. I think for these situations, I’ll go back to keeping track of how long I work, like I used to. Then I’ll use NaNoWriMo’s rebelling guide for time to word count transference. An hour of work is 1000 words. From here on, that’s what I’ll do.

Today I read and responded to notes and revisions made on “Adventures in Pithea” by the other members of the TCSTB (editing group) on our shared document. Our day-long marathon meeting is on Saturday, so the other two are getting further ahead than they normally do for our weekly meetings. I also worked some more on transferring the revisions from my hard copy onto the computer.