Daily Challenge Check-in: January 30, 2015

Words: 2394 revising “Adventures in Pithea.” Totally killed it today. I was close to the end of part 2 (of 4) and didn’t want to stop until I finished. Missy’s homemade medicine is finally put to use, and I still love the confrontation between Naolin and Evan, during which Naolin stands up for Missy, who is unable to do so herself.
And I’m at the halfway mark (in story, not in length) for this read-through! Whoo!

Daily Challenge Check-in: January 26, 2015

Words: 788 revising “Adventures in Pithea.” A lot of rewriting again, as opposed to editing what is already there. Many parts of the execution of the Plan didn’t really make sense. Even in the way that the Plan had to be altered on the fly, when forced to think through the parts the reader doesn’t see, but put everyone in place for when the reader does see them, I realized things were kind of messy. So I’m trying to clean them up without making everything too convoluted.

Daily Challenge Check-in: January 23, 2015

Words: 810 writing. Nothing story relating, just some free-writing. I had kind of a down day today, so I found it therapeutic to just write in a notebook some of what’s been on my mind lately. I listened to the newest album from for KING & COUNTRY while doing so, and it is wonderful. This kind of writing is not something I do often, but it was kind of nice. And it counts for the challenge.

Daily Challenge Check-in: January 19, 2015

Words: 1036 revising “Adventures in Pithea.” Missy is less accepting of Naolin’s assertion that technology exists out in the world. She’s unwilling to just agree that people are breaking the worldwide tech ban, when it is so highly illegal.

I didn’t do any work over the weekend, because I was gone pretty much all day both days. I took stuff with me to do, but didn’t ever have a chance. Still, at least it was just a weekend, and I made myself sit down to it again today.