Daily Challenge Check-in: February 2, 2015

Words: I have no idea how many, but it was way over 500. I’ve been working for 2 hours or so on two different tasks. First I started running a spell check on my 2014 NaNoNovel (“Pursuit of Power”). I did surprisingly well at not editing this year, so there are a lot of typos. And lots of proper nouns that the program doesn’t recognize. I’ve told it not to check grammar, because it will only yell at me for sentence fragments. However, I can see a lot of uncapitalized words at the beginnings of sentences, so I’ll have to fix those eventually too. Though I’m still revising “Adventures in Pithea” (my 2013 NaNoNovel), I am far enough ahead in my individual revision work that my editing group, the TCSTB, won’t get there for a while. And lately I’ve had a strong urge to go back and do some preliminary work on “Pursuit of Power.” I’m a strong proponent of going where your heart takes you, in creative pursuits, so I figured I’d follow it. I’ve made it more than 3/4 of the way through the 100k-word story and will likely finish the rest tomorrow.

While I was working on that, though, I noticed that the other two members of the TCSTB had been making notes in our shared document of “Adventures in Pithea,” where we do our work during our weekly Skype meetings. Usually everyone tries to read ahead a little and leave their own thoughts, revision notes, or whatever, in the document, so we have stuff to discuss when we meet on Skype. The next meeting is tomorrow night, and lately, no one’s had time to get in and make notes before an hour or so before the meeting. So when I saw they were both working on it tonight, I had to jump in there and read their notes, leaving my own responses as warranted. This usually makes the meeting go a little faster, if we’ve already discussed or even fixed minor things before meeting time.

This is probably all so confusing, no one who reads this will have any idea what I’m talking about.

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