August 25

Time worked: 1:13

Work done:  I said a while ago that I really wanted to write something new, and I’ve been feeling that way for a while. However, while still plodding through this revision, it wasn’t easy to change gears. Today, I started thinking about a character who is introduced near the end of “Adventures in Pithea,” but who has a much bigger role in a later story, and what would take place between those stories. I’d always just sort of left it as a nebulous “stuff happens and it just works out on its own.” But recently a more specific plan has started to form. And today, I was hit with an idea for a climax, of sorts, to this in-between story, and suddenly I wanted nothing more than to be able to write it down. Of course, as it often goes, getting down on paper what is floating in my head is a lot harder/longer than it seems. All of the important points are in my head, but there are details that have to be filled in. And even though there’s no rule that says I have to get the details out now, I don’t think it’ll keep as well for me later if I don’t get as much of it down now as I can. So this may take a few days. Meanwhile, poor Missy, Naolin, Julius, Evan, and Quinn are stumbling around in the woods, half of them half-dead.


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