September 28

Time worked:  1:07

Work done:  Revising “Adventures in Pithea”–like, actual revision! The gang is much less confused about what small village is where on their island. And now they’re underground and exploring dangerous places. I also worked a little on transferring earlier revisions from paper to computer.

September 24

Time worked:  :25

Work done:  All spent transferring revisions from paper to computer. I’ll be honest–I’m having a hard time keeping my head in the right place for this lately. It’s the busy season where I work, and there’s a lot to do. I’m gone more, so there’s also a lot to do at home. I find myself strongly wanting to do something more relaxing and mindless in the evenings than work on the story. So I may not do much actual revision for the next few weeks, but I will still do my best to make sure every day includes some sort of writing activity. Not always progress forward with the novel attempt, but not completely falling away and thus risking getting completely off-track.

September 23

Time worked: 2:30

Work done:  Eighth meeting of the Tri-County Sisterhood of the Traveling Book. We got through almost two and a half pages, so the most so far. Also earlier in the day, I spent a fair bit of time working on notes on our shared document, and in the email conversation we’ve been sending back and forth.

September 18-21

Time worked:  I don’t know…maybe…45 minutes total?

Work done:  I was gone from Thursday morning until Sunday night. During the day on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I had sporadic times where I was able to do some work, but in a very limited capacity. I had no way of taking my editing with me and working on that, so I wrote more for the other plot I’ve been working on. I was reminded that I didn’t post on Wednesday night, before I left, but I frankly don’t remember what I did that day, if anything. Probably nothing, as I was packing that evening for my coming trip. Updates should be normal again for a few weeks.