August 7

Time worked:  :45

Work done:  More battle scene rewriting. Missy’s still off doing her thing, Julius and Naolin aren’t meshing as well as they thought, and Quinn is trying to hold his own and failing. A hero is about to enter.

August 6

Time worked:  2:26

Work done:  First meeting of the Tri-County Sisterhood of the Traveling Book. We may have to use an acronym for that. Okay, so that’s not what we’re really going to call ourselves, but in the absence of a name, I went with some things that were thrown around as ideas, for now. My sisters have been reading through my first draft, and two (out of three) are done with it. We are planning to have regular meetings over Skype to compare notes and hopefully fix this story up right. Tonight’s almost two and a half hour meeting went way longer than we’d planned (the plan was an hour). That was mostly because I revealed some hidden things that readers of the book wouldn’t otherwise know, so they can help me make sure the story reflects them correctly, and that everything works okay. Those secrets spawned many questions. We didn’t even get to the text, and there are still more questions that need answered. I’m starting to see more clearly how complicated I’ve made my world. Still, I’m glad the first meeting has now happened, it worked over Skype, and there weren’t too many problems (other than me feeling bad at keeping them so long)!