May 29

Time worked:  1:18

Work done:  I spent this time working on a new way to revise my story. I’m not stalling, despite how much I’ve said I dislike revising (I’d admit it if I was), but I’ve realized I might not have gone about the revising correctly. I understand that I’m only going on other people’s opinions here, but I spent some time reading about various writing topics, and some of it was about revising. More than one source mentioned that there is micro editing and macro editing. The macro editing makes more sense to come first, and I actually sort of skipped that. I went first to the line editing and more specific stuff–not on purpose, but because it was easier to start there. I realize now that I’ve ignored bigger issues like descriptions and fleshing out characters and making sure scenes flowed smoothly. I mean, I knew I was lacking those areas, thanks to alpha readers who are pointing these issues out to me. However, I figured I’d fix them along the way in this second read-through. Now I’ve realized that my second read-through really needs to focus on those things. I want to take one scene at a time and go through a list of questions–Is there some aspect of the character that should/can be described here? (Physical aspects are what I’m lacking most, but even other things too, like mental ticks.) Do the characters move at all while they’re talking, or are they standing around with their arms at their sides, stiff as a board? Have I given the senses something to do during this scene? Is the narrator’s voice heard here, or does he sound too much like a third-person objective observer? (That will happen plenty too, I’m sure, but I want to make sure to remind the reader often enough that he’s actually a real character himself, and that these people, this country, and this world are personal to him.

These are things I’ve never really went in search of, just hoped that I did it okay the first time, or that I realized it needed work while absently reading through the story. This is the first time I’ll be seeking them out, and I hope it doesn’t make me too crazy.

May 28

Time worked:  :57

Work done:  Proofreading and revising of Adventures in Pithea. I made it through the prologue and 2 chapters tonight. I can’t help but feel like I’m being too easy on myself, especially whenever I go half a page without making any edits. I feel like I’m probably missing a lot of glaring mistakes or just bad spots. Hopefully others who read the early drafts will be more picky than I seem to be.

May 27

Time worked: :54

Work done:  In preparation for diving back into the proofreading and revising, I went through the list of unanswered questions I made from the first read-through. I attempted to answer them all, or at least mark where they could be answered so that I could fix them when going through the story again. And that took me 54 minutes. Two of them are still unanswered and I’m not sure what to do about them. I’ll deal with them later though.

Henceforth, the novel previously referred to as “The Series” or even “unnamed novel” will be called “Adventures in Pithea.” This is still a working title, but the original moniker of “The Series” makes much, much less sense now. And since I’ve also been working on the plot outline and timeline for another story, which does have a name, it’s gotten more complicated (if only in my own mind) to say things like, “I’m matching up timelines for Pursuit of Power and the unnamed story that is the one I’ve actually written.” Which I feel the need to explain to avoid confusion, because it doesn’t have a name to easily distinguish it from any other stories I may be working on.

So, “Adventures in Pithea,” working title. Or when I inevitably start shortening it, AiP.

May 26

Time worked:  1:14

Work done:  Finished the timeline for both Pursuit of Power and the unnamed novel I’m actually working on. I had to fudge some events around a month here or there, and may still change them later, but for now, it’s good enough. Time to dive back into the actual proofreading.

May 24

Time worked:  :35

Work done:  Timeline for Pursuit of Power.  I’ve decided that seven months is far too long to wander a moderate-sized desert in search of something, which means my timelines aren’t meshing like I’d hoped. I haven’t decided which storyline needs altered though.

May 23

Time worked:  :25

Work done:  Timeline for Pursuit of Power. The second half has proven quite difficult, since there is an entire year’s worth of things happening for which the timing is nebulous. I’m trying to narrow things down, but there’s a lot of, “I don’t know how long that should take…three months? Seven months?” So it’s slow going. Hopefully I’ll get some extra work in this weekend.

I didn’t get much work done today, because I was too busy making the following image. Why? No real reason…I got inspired when I made a notebook for myself on Zazzle the other day, because I loved the motto I came up with to put on it. So I decided to come up with a picture to go along with it and make it a thing. I would have made it my banner on this page, but I couldn’t get it to look right. It’s on my Facebook page, though, and on this notebook: Write Every Day Notebook (To be clear, I designed that notebook, I did not steal the picture or saying. Also, that’s not the original notebook I made; that one isn’t public, because it’s more specific to me.)


dream plan write smaller

May 21

Not that I haven’t missed a day before now, but this was a special situation. A stomach bug hit my family Sunday, and today was the first day since then I felt particularly up to working on my writing. It did take me some extra pushing to get myself back into this mode, too, after 3 days off. But here I am.

Time worked:  :45

Work donePlot outline for Pursuit of Power, which I think is done now. After wrestling with a murky area, inspiration hit me at about 2:30 last night when I was trying to sleep. I had to turn a light on and write out the flow of events, and then talk them out with my husband today to make sure they work. I am so happy and at the same time apologetic about the plans I have for this story. Call me crazy, but I feel so bad when I do mean things to my characters… In any event, tomorrow I will hopefully put the events of Pursuit of Power into my timeline, to make sure they match okay with the main story, and then it might just be time to dive back into revising the actual book.