Writing Wednesday: #StayHomeWriMo

WW Prompt

For today’s Writing Wednesday Prompt post, I’m going to again share a recent #StayHomeWriMo prompt from NaNoWriMo.

With so many people home and binge watching so much more, this seemed like a fitting prompt:


For more, follow this link.

How are you staying sane and healthy during this time? Is your creativity suffering or thriving (or staying the same)?

5 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday: #StayHomeWriMo

  1. I have been blogging but there was a break of 6 days once. I started Csmp Nanowrimo but wrote for 2 days. I did get down but this week I am slowly climbing upwards again. Now I need to do my writing first and life outside of writing afterwards

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    • It’s easy to get down these days. I’ve been doing well working on my writing every day this month, but tonight, I just can’t seem to drag myself to it. Taking tonight off might help me be ready to get right back to it tomorrow, but forcing myself to do it might make it even harder to do tomorrow, and that usually leads to bad things for my writing. Of course, how important it is to push yourself to work on writing depends a lot on if it’s a hobby or a job!

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