Daily Writing Check-in: May 7, 2019

Words/Time:  1 hour, 17 minutes doing preliminary work for the new outline of “Vin” as well as some free writing with a prompt.

I again started out with the writing practice, which took about 25 minutes. I find it interesting that for the last 4 days, the prompts I’m pulling are leading me to write about events that are more related to “Protector” or its aftermath than anything else. Maybe that’s only because “Protector” is at the end of the books, chronologically, at least in terms of what I have much planned for, so what happens past that is still a lot more open. Maybe it’s just because I like “Protector” so much. Or maybe it’s just the prompts.

The majority of the time was spent putting broad scenes into Scrivener and marking some that will likely be cut completely, or just partially cut. I finished putting in the rest of the story today, and tomorrow will start to look at what I need to do next.

With how close I was to losing Camp NaNoWriMo last month, I’m really surprised I’ve picked up the pace so much this month. I set a goal at the beginning of the month to work for an average of 30 minutes per day this month, and I’ve far exceeded that. I hope a crash isn’t coming, and that this is just a great month!

goal tracker 19-5-7

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