Daily Writing Check-in: January 28, 2019

Words/Time: 1 hour, 17 minutes reading through “Pithea” for any changes that later-written stories may force in the book that started it all.

I got through about 68 pages, getting me to page 411 out of 482. If anyone is paying attention, they may notice that the book dropped 28 total pages from yesterday to today. This was a decision I made while doing some early revision of “Pursuit of Power” recently. I decided to look at the scenes that intersected these two books and decide which one of them the scene really needed to be in, rather than show the scene in both books, but from different perspectives. It was easier to do that with some of the other scenes, especially since some of them slowed “Pursuit of Power” down quite a bit.

However, I knew that also meant that a more exciting scene that really belonged in “Pursuit of Power” more than in “Pithea” needed to be removed from the latter book, even though it’s been a part of that book since before it was written. However, it will be stronger without that scene, because what happens in it is so far removed from the rest of the theme and focus of the book.

I am now into part 4 of 4, and should be done with this final final draft in a couple days. I just don’t know where I go from there.


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