Daily Writing Check-in: January 21, 2019

Words/Time: 1 hour, 12 minutes minutes doing some early revision of “Pursuit of Power.”

I continued to read through the story, making broad changes. Today I got through about 54 pages out of 436, ending on page 349. That’s a better pace than yesterday, and I’m approaching the battle that leads to the climax. I’m happier than I thought I’d be with the book as it is. It still needs some overhauls, but I expected to come away from this read-through with a lot of notes of bigger things that need fixed, besides what I already know about.

I realized recently that I haven’t shared my goal tracker yet this month. I don’t want to only share it when I’m doing well, so here it is, showing how far behind I fell from my goal this month. I’m almost caught up, and again, if I don’t make a monthly goal, it’s okay. But it’s still nice to have something to shoot for.

goal tracker 18-1-21

I also realized too late today that another Monday has gone by, without a Monday Moment post. The first few weeks went by mostly because I’ve been sick in various ways, but this one just snuck up on me. I need to get a handle on this.