Daily Writing Check-in: January 29, 2019

Words/Time: 1 hour reading through “Pithea” for any changes that later-written stories may force in the book that started it all.

I got through about 54 pages, getting me to page 465 out of 482. The biggest change I made today was to move the narrator, Drear, from the city he lived in with his parents, to sharing an apartment with his brother. This makes much more sense, since his parents moved out of the country, and he’s been reconnecting with his brother since then.

There is very little left to read in this story. In the end, I won’t have made many changes due to later-written stories forcing change in this one, but it was important to be sure. Besides that, I wanted this more fresh in my mind as I go on to make revisions to later books.

I still don’t know what new goals I will set after I finish this draft. I don’t think I can attempt publishing again until I have a more solid idea of the books that will follow.

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