Daily Writing Check-in: December 18, 2015

Words/Time: 1.25 hours working on the next (and hopefully last) draft of “Pithea.” Mostly just reading, making sure everything flows, and making a few small edits along the way. I’ve just finished chapter 11 (out of 29).

My dad, who’s been listening to a converted audio format of the book, finished it yesterday. He sent me an email last night with the following subject header:  “WHAT!!!” The body was one line, referring to an event near the end of the book that had surprised him. I can’t help but be pleased with the reaction, because it means he was caught up in the story enough to react strongly to the end. That’s good!

4 thoughts on “Daily Writing Check-in: December 18, 2015

    • I’ve been loving getting such feedback from my family, especially my parents. I’ve tried to share my writing for a long time, but usually, the only finished pieces that were really worth sharing were fanfiction. Though I did eventually get both of them to read some of that, it wasn’t easy for them to follow and they didn’t have a lot of response to it. I certainly don’t blame them. It’s been so different now that I have original fiction to share and discuss with them, as well as other friends and family members. At Christmas, we were discussing some of the events of the story, and even watching out for others who hadn’t read it yet, so we didn’t spoil anything, like we would do with a movie or TV show we’d all seen.

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