Daily Writing Check-in: December 30, 2015

Words/Time: 1.5 hours working on the next (and hopefully last) draft of “Pithea.” The work consisted mostly of reading, making sure everything flows, and making a few small edits along the way. I’ve just finished chapter 22 (out of 29), which means I got through 4 chapters today!

I have plans to go to my parents’ house tomorrow for a NYE game night with some of my family. If all goes well, I’ll have a few hours before others arrive to go over the second half of my mom’s notes with her.

I have until the end of January to submit the first few chapters and a 2-3 page synopsis to a publishing company that’s having an open door submission period right now. I’ve been working toward that since finding out about it several months ago, and I should be able to make it.